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About Laura

Spiritual Practice

Allow me to introduce you to healing methods which connect you to your inner spiritual wisdom. I facilitate healing journeys to learn, heal & grow on your spiritual path. Working intuitively, I help you move from root causes to individual empowerment.  My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.  

Client Sessions Offered

I offer sessions in hypnotherapy, past life regression, Life Between Lives hypnotherapy, Quantum Consciousness hypnotherapy, DNA Healing, spiritual consulting, energy healing & intuitive readings.

Laura Halls

I've been working with clients since 1998. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, National Assn. of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists & the International Hypnosis Federation.  I am a Certified Life Between Lives Therapist through The Newton Institute. I am also a Certified Spiritual Consultant, Certified Crystal Healer & Master of DNA Healing.

About Client Sessions

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

I specialize in metaphysical sessions. This can include past life regression, meeting with your spirit guides, gaining insight into your life purpose & current life lessons, or just finding spiritual direction from your soul/higher self.

Life Between Lives

I trained with Dr. Michael Newton in 2001 in his Life Between Lives method. In this session, you will discover the eternal soul realm, meet your soul family & spirit guide(s), find out about your life purpose & lessons, and get the bigger-picture perspective of your incarnation. 

DNA Healing

This session helps you remove blocks & heal issues by targeting the energetic & emotional reason you feel stuck. By working on cognitive, energetic & spiritual levels at the same time, it helps you repattern your energy & manifest what you desire.

More Client Sessions

Spiritual Consulting

These sessions help you identify your healing path or discover a new perspective to your issues. I can help you look at the bigger soul picture for better understanding of your path. These sessions can also be used to increase your knowledge about spiritual issues. 

Intuitive Readings

My readings focus on helping you understand what you need to know about healing yourself or finding your purpose. I can also do past life readings & get answers from your spiritual guides.

Energy Healing

This can take many forms based upon your energetic needs. It might be working with crystals, light/color energy, chakras, flow & balancing of chi (life force energy) or setting up shields or grids of protection. 

Quantum Consciousness

This is a new form of hypnotherapy used to connect with all forms of your consciousness in quantum realms. Gives you in-depth knowledge of your soul's intent & why your life is playing out a certain way. 

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Laura Halls

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Menu / Price List

Session prices are based upon $100/hour; so if sessions go over, prices may be adjusted accordingly.